This is part of the mystery of the Risen Jesus, of the humility of God: He asks men and women for their contribution.
- Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
(Pope Benedict XVI)

Have you ever wanted to do something, but felt like you just didn’t have the means? We imagine that’s what Jesus’ disciples must have felt when He asked them to feed the multitude. Surely they would have wanted to, out of love for their Lord and Master, but how on earth could such a feat be accomplished? After all, five loaves and two fish were all they had!

We’re no strangers to this kind of uncertainty. Reading and writing are our collective passions, but we're still learning as we go. We still fall short of what God asks of us, and we still can't offer Him anything more than words on a page. But the story of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes reminds us that when Jesus asks us to do something, He will provide the way and the means. All we need to do is turn to Him.

God bless, and happy reading!